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In our 2-3 hour transfortainment envents, we use our Holy Spirit inspired model that is engaging, transformational, transcendent and empowering. Our model uses a powerful testimony of a young girl, who against all conceivable odds, triumphed over neglect, emotional abuse and economic depravity to become an influential member of the society.

Nhlanhla shares her story of GOD’s grace, mercy and love, she sings her own musical compositions that seek to exhort listeners and magnify Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity.

Nhlanhla’s  husband , Vezinhlanhla, also known as the Thought Coach, illuminates the understanding of the process of being transformed by the renewal of the mind.
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Our Transformshops are designed to shift you from world to Word based paradigms. Our aim is to set you on the path of being transformed by the renewal of your mind. We illuminate why the renewal of the mind is the most effective path to excellence and elucidate why the Word of God is the most powerful transformation tool available to mankind. We walk you through how you renew your mind and maintain the culture of excellence in your life. We show you how you build resilience against all manner of adversities. Ultimately our goal is to connect you to a fruitful life, a life you have always wanted.
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