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‘A sluggard does not plough in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing’ - Proverbs 20:4"
We are Holy Spirit inspired team that seeks to change the course of commuities and nations through equipping believers with the biblically rooted wisdom of creating the best tomorrow,today.

Fruitful Connections seeks to change the course of communities and nations through equipping young
people with the biblically rooted wisdom of creating the best tomorrow, today. Recognising that only
one third of the world has heard the good news of Jesus Christ, one of the best investments to reach theother two thirds is to equip the youth generation.

It was through the creative power of young people that birthed the biggest brands such as Microsoft
and Facebook, which have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. At Fruitful Connections, we believe
that with a good grounding on the fundamentals and operations of the Kingdom of God, it is possible to unleash the same creative power in young people for sharing the Good News throughout the world. We believe that alignment with Word of God is the best transformational and empowerment tool available to mankind and for young people to reach the ends of the earth with the Good News.

Nhlanhla Za Mncwango – Nhlanhla has for many years in her life faced the harshest experiences. Whenever she prayed to God for breakthroughs in her situations, she got a song instead. For a while she did not make the connections, until one day, she felt that she had to record the melodies whenever they came. As she continued to trust God in her situations, more
songs were laid in her heart. This has culminated into her debut album titled “Arise”. All songs have a story behind, reaffirmations to continue to trust in God alone or to proclaim that all things are possible to those that believe.

Nhlanhla is a living testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. God called Nhlanhla out of her lucrative career in Infrastructure finance  where she had been a Director for many years. Nhlanhla was convicted to set aside her masters’ degree qualifications and an established career path to minister in song to hearts longing to walk in worshipping God.

Vezinhlanhla Mncwango – Since the beginning of his career in Auditing 17 years ago, Vezinhlanhla’s passion and calling for young people was apparent through his volunteer involvement in youth development. He went on to train and develop over 200 young people from all over the world in the past 4 years. He co-pioneered a youth leader transformation mode for the Africa Alliance of YMCAs that has inspired similar initiatives around the world. His calling has culminated with him setting aside his flourishing career Information System Auditing and co-founding Fruitfulness Connections with Nhlanhla.

Nhlanhla and Vezinhlanhla are married and are blessed with two biological children Ngcwaliso (5) and Avame (3) and two foster mfana (13) and Zama (8).
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